Hi. I'm Filippo,

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Who am I?

Quite an eclectic person I'd say.

Never stop being curious!

This is what I keep myself busy with..

Linux enviroment

I still remember the day I first googled linux. Since then my quest of knowledge of Linux machines as well as the Open Source Community has been growing stronger. I began to be familiar with the command line, and found it pretty straight forward, with the helpful reading of The Linux Phrasebook . I like to keep my laptop always with a Linux partition as well as a Windows one. At the moment I'm trying Fedora (essential - command line only- ) and I'm quite liking it. I enjoy switching from Windows to Ubuntu, and from Ubuntu to OSX (my home desktop).

Where I'm currently at?

  • Builduing a Samba network all over my house, including a window machine. Further on, I am adding a ?storage point? on a raspberry-pi.
  • Skills I aim to learn: Writing a samba init file, port forwarding, deeper understanding of gateways etc.


Having been introduced to C++ only two years ago, I look forward to further my skills and knowledge in the networking side of the language - see the micro:bit section below. The Bsc in Games Programming I am attending pushed me to learn on a practical level more than on a theoretical one. It is not just about graphics, but rather more about problem solving, safe memory management and data handling.

Where I'm currently at?

  • I have been building a 3d engine using OpenGL with a colleague from University. We have been making use of some design patterns and OOP techniques, so to make it more self contained (reference needed to this book and to our amazing teacher). The engine compiles, links and renders shader programs, making use of buffers for filling data, playing music/SFX, and having an exchangeable camera system.

Micro Controllers

I have grown a strong passion for devices that make the DIY a must, by opening technologies and resources to anyone! I first bought my Raspberry PI to get introduced to such a unique device. Then I started discovering the world of micro-controllers (in the second year of my diploma I've attended a module on Arduino programming). Having achieved a successful communication between the RaspberryPI and a UNO board, I have now moved onto the Micro:Bit board - which is unique in its own right.

Where I'm currently at?

  • Writing simple and understandable python scripts/games to be given to the Micro:Bit community, whilst following this book, which gives a full insight on how to write and assemble C/C++ code directly on the ARM processor (make use of GPIO, I2C and SPI buses, serial connections and so on)

Here’s some stuff I made.


Automated irrigation system, with programmable watering and LCD.


One button shooter game, movements accordingly to accelerometer.

Plan It

First year project in native javascript.

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